AirFlow Truck Company
Building the World's Most Aerodynamic and Efficient Tractor Trailer Rigs
The AirFlow BulletTruck - The World's Biggest Eco Rod
           And Eco Rodding is all about American ingenuity at its best.

AirFlow BulletTruck achieves
13.4 Average
Miles Per Gallon

during a coast-to-coast, real world,
revenue-producing freight run!

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AirFlow Truck Company

It's not easy to refine the wheel, much less reinvent it.

But when we sat down to design and then create a brand new Class 8 tractor trailer rig with advanced aerodynamics, extraordinary fuel savings, and a very low emissions profile, we ended up revolutionizing over the road trucks, again.

One of our top priorities, as always, was to obtain the lowest cost-per-mile operating cost. How could we give fleet operators and owners a rig that will substantially reduce fuel and operating costs?

The answer is to use advanced 21st. century computer-aided-design aerodynamics, light weight modern materials and assembly, and innovative but practical solutions to common problems. A partial list of these innovative solutions include:

  • Innovative body "morphing" techniques are used that enable the body to change its shape and vastly improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle at highway speeds but allow for normal loading and maneuvering in traffic.
  • The use of a full-sized ducted radiator hidden underneath an extremely aerodynamic body. No giant, dumb, brick-square "Portrait" radiators are used on AirFlow trucks! Additionally, radiator Ram Air effect is increased via beautifully sculptured ducting.
  • Hybridized A/C Compressor and Power Steering pump greatly reduce diesel engine parasitic losses and emissions and increases fuel economy. 
  • A large, inexpensive, software-driven LCD panel in the dashboard is used to replace all the heavy and expensive round "steam-gauges" and provides all information on critical systems operation. All anomalies or out-of-tolerance conditions are annunciated on these panels.
  • Simple and inexpensive video cameras capture the images historically supplied from the large fuel-robbing outside rear view mirrors of the past. These images are displayed on two additional inexpensive dashboard LCD panels, mounted on each side of the steering column.

AirFlow Truck Company is currently in the process of building our first prototype of the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient Class 8 Tractor trailer rig on the planet.

The 2012 AirFlow BulletTruck.

But, it's more than "only"  the world's most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient Class 8 rig. The 2012 AirFlow BulletTruck is a vehicle that aftermarket
manufacturers can use as a test vehicle and to promote, demonstrate, and market their cutting-edge truck technology.

From our manufacturing facility centrally located in Connecticut, we are aspiring to produce trucks with a major competitive advantage: the lowest cost-per-mile of any Class 8 Tractor Trailer rigs available

In 2006, the trucking industry spent $98 billion on diesel fuel. Over 50% of that fuel consumption is utilized to overcome aerodynamic drag. 

The 2012 AirFlow BulletTruck represents a quantum leap in tractor trailer aerodynamics, which could potentially save the trucking industry over 7.5 billion gallons of fuel and 21 million tons of  toxic exhaust emissions annually.





Februrary 12, 2010
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Ever wonder how the AirFlow rig was designed to be so aerodynamic, before it ever got on the road? It all has to do with the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software from our good friends and Partner SolidWorks.

Follow the link below and watch CAD (Computer Aided Design) & CFD artist extraordinaire,
Jeremy Singley, discuss the AirFlow Truck CFD process with Joe Galliera, Technical Manager for the SolidWorks Simulation Product Line, on SolidWorks eTV.

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                    No SQUARE Trucks!                    No "PORTRAIT" Radiators!

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