The extremely lightweight carbon fiber StarShip cab utilizes a seamless Drawn-Over-Mandrel (DOM) steel tube safety cage, for maximum occupant protection. This steel safety cage added only 366 lbs. additional weight to the cab structure, while offering extreme occupant protection. In addition to being the most aerodynamic Class 8 cab ever built, the StarShip cab may very well be the safest Class 8 cab ever built.

The interior utilizes five video display screens for all driver operating information, instead of traditional “steam” gauges. This complete “glass-panel” provides operational feedback to the driver for exceptional fuel economy, as well as traffic awareness and safety. This image also highlights the panoramic windshield of the StarShip, which has to be the most aerodynamic, DOT approved, windshield ever fabricated for a Class 8 truck.

The StarShip cab is fabricated from 100% carbon fiber over a ¼ inch to a 1 inch thick foam core, utilizing the ¼ inch foam for the roof section and the 1 inch foam for the side walls. This entire “body-in-white”, the automotive term for an unfinished body, weighs less than 500 lbs. total. So in addition to being incredibly strong, the StarShip cab is also a massively lightweight structure for its size.


This image shows the crew installing layers of raw carbon fiber fabric, wetted with resin and hardener, then rolled on the rear bulkhead of the cab.

Here is the back half of the rolling chassis. We have already installed the rear bellypan, rear valance, rear skirt hangers, and the tractor Pressure Systems International (PSI) Automatic Tire Inflation System, or ATIS. The StarShip is the only tractor with an external PSI ATIS, that we custom fabricated ourselves.


Also shown are the Michelin X-One wide base tires, Alcoa LvL ONE aluminum wheels, lightweight Fontaine fixed fifth wheel. The one and only 100 gallon fuel tank is relocated as far rearward as possible.

Here is a shot of our brand new Strick 53’ dry van parked inside of the AirFlow Truck Company shop. We have installed a full set of custom Ridge Corporation trailer skirts, which will be trimmed later.


Also shown is the custom fairing that we built for the roof external door frame and the rooftop solar farm.


The 5000 Watt solar array on the roof of the trailer will help us save fuel, and also power the cab “hotel loads” when the StarShip is parked during off duty or sleeper berth time.

Newington, Connecticut